"Uke-n-Sing     brings     people     together     for     a     good     old     sing-along."


Do you love to sing? Do you sing out loud or do you only sing in secret? Do you sing in the shower? Do you just sing in your head? Now you have the opportunity to join your fellow warblers for a ukelele inspired sing-along. It's time to release your star quality


No-one knows what song will come next - a random number will be chosen by the audience. The number reveals a surpise song that will become the next sing-along. It could be a timeless pop evergreen or a classic jazzy favourite, a folk ballad or even something on the radio now.

Don't know the words? Don't worry! This site has everything you need in the lyrics section below. Click on any number to find out what mystery song lies beneath, waiting to be heard.

Roll     out     the     barrel!

We'll have a barrel of fun!

When, a number is drawn from the barrel, click on it to find the words to a song

If the ukeoke ball is drawn from the barrel, someone from the audience has a chance to choose the song from the ukeoke list below. They can feature themselves (or their friend) for a bit of a solo, or just get everyone to join in from the start.

Choose your song from the list below and click on the title for the lyric

Uke-n-sing and Ukeoke are a great way to bring people together. If you want to know more about booking Uke-N-Sing and Ukeoke for your next event, take this link to send an email enquiry through. Uke-N-Sing booking enquiry